Why Choose Sysdel

SYSDEL is a compact, dynamic company owned and run by engineers whose only business is Electronic Warfare.

This total focus and inherent dynamism together with complete independence of outside shareholders and a wide range of proven products allows SYSDEL to rapidly respond to specific user requirements.

A full service including concept establishment, research and development,production and life cycle support can be supplied.

On the one hand SYSDEL has a number of well qualified and proven building blocks that can be configured to meet specific user requirements with short time delay. On the other hand the risks and challenges of completely new developments have often been successfully navigated.

Borne in response to combat requirements and first hand technical and operational experience going back some thirty years, the SYSDEL products are characterised as being cost-effective, reliable and supportable.

The emphasis on combat effectiveness has meant that the specifications and design have been appropriate to the operational task and that attention has been given from the outset to operability, reliability and supportability.

SYSDEL is willing to tackle small, limited production projects as well being capable of handling large, serial production orders.

Depending on the application, systems have been qualified to operate in a large range environmental conditions ranging from deserts to monsoon or marine environments, from sea level up to 20 000 feet, from the equator to below freezing.

The SYSDEL Quality System is ISO 9001:2015 certified by TUV Rheinland.

Lastly, we have participated in Technology Transfer - including the delivery of software source code -  programs with approved End Users.