Products and Services

The primary SYSDEL activity is the design, development, manufacture and support of ESM, ELINT and ECM systems in the radar domain.

Airborne, naval and ground based systems are available.

Complete, operational systems can be supplied either as black boxes to be installed by the client or as turnkey projects in which the system is installed and integrated with the client’s platform of choice.

SYSDEL can also supply specific sub-systems to be integrated into systems supplied by other companies.

Secondary or supporting products and services include:

-      Special purpose maintenance and test equipment

-      Multi-threat signal simulators for the test and evaluation of EW systems. These include low power devices for laboratory use and high power, tracking systems for field trial purposes.

-      EW equipment simulators for the purposes of EW operator training.

-      EW exploitation of captured equipment

EW hardening consultation to developers of radar based weapons systems